The Life of

Walt Disney

Who Was

Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 5. Walter loved living on the farm. Walter’s Dad got sick. Walt and his younger sister helped their mother. Walter’s brothers left to start in their own life. Walt Disney died on December 15 1966 from lung cancer.

What did Walt Disney do?

He also did something in 1928 ,Walt Disney made history when he created a cartoon character named Mickey Mouse. He also started making live action movies such as Twenty Leagues Under The Sea and Peter Pan.

Walt Disney's Impact on the world?

Walt Disney world opened in 1947 with the magic Kingdom a theme park like Disneyland. It is a lot of the same but different.

Should we try to be more like them

He was determined to succeed as an artist. He tried and he never quit.

Cool fact

Walt Disney bought a huge newspaper route in Kansas city. Walt Disney trick the army about his age. but Disney knew better.Sea island was a huge success it even won academy award ! in 1940 Disney artists went on strike.