Functions- the main functions of the motherboard (mainboard), it holds the CPU (central processing unit) and memory (storage). It also provides connectors for other peripherals (for memory). it was founded in 1986 and was moderately difficult to use as was the whole computer. like most item/things this has a max intake on things like airflow here is a simple airflow recommendation/fan intake. To get the best air flow you need the most fans and if you add two 120mm fans and compare it to one 200mm fan then you have 240mm to 200mm so the two 120's would give you more air flow. So two 120's on top for exhaust the 120 rear for exhaust and then two 120's in the front and a 120 in the side for intake.
The best option is a fan controler in the front bay but if you want to try and use the bios or the fan expert then that's a choice for you to make.
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