Inventions 3-5

How Do Inventions Affect Our Daily Lives?

Invention Quest

Learning From the Past & Present: The Science of Technology

Mechanical inventions or technology make our lives today very different from those of our ancestors, or the people that came before us. Imagine life without television, cars, computers, or telephones. Older people, such as our grandparents, sometimes remind us of what it was like. Now Imagine life without books to read or electricity. Now imagine living in the very early history of humankind. How would you build shelter; how would you get food and cook? Science is concerned with why things happen. Technology focuses on making things happen. However, if you think about it, the two go hand in hand (they build off of each other). Especially when it comes to inventive thinking. Inventors need to know the "why" and the "how." In other words, "why" innovation changes "how" we live. Therefore, to be inventor's of the future, we have to understand the past.

Life Changing Inventions

The light bulb, refridgeration, and the telephone are just a few life changing inventions. It's common to give credit to many inventions that use electricity such as these to Benjamin Franklin for discovering electricity. However, his experiments only helped make the connections between lightning and electricity, nothing more. Because electricity is a form of energy that occurs in nature, it is not invented. Think static electricity for example.

Who, me? An Inventor?

Do you have lots of great ideas but don't know what to do with them? Do you wonder how people will react to your ideas? What makes an invention anyway?

Get out your Inventor's Notebook!

Time to conduct some research!
  • What is an invention?
  • What makes an invention great?
  • How do I become an inventor?
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