Diary of a wimpy kid

Independent Novel Project: Term 4

Knowledge: Book title

The author of the book named the book Diary of a wimpy kid because its about Greg Heffley who got a diary from his mom, which is supposed to be a journal, but his mom bought him a diary.

Comprehension: Book summary

Greg is getting ready for high school. His brother always tease him for his diary his mom bought him. He has a little brother who always gets everything he wants and he always gets away from trouble. Greg is always in trouble everytime he did something wrong. In high school, he is forced to sit in the middle of idiots forever until the end of high school. At Halloween, him and his best friend Rowley, got chased by teenagers and he accidently threathen them to call the police which force them to stay in grandma's house until the teens leave them alone.After they got presents from christmas, Greg accidently threw a ball at rowley on his bicycle which broke his arm. At school, Rowley have the girls taking care of him which make Greg really jealous.

Application: Movie poster

This movie poster I made is done from Photoshop. I put some of the characters in there like Greg's best friend Rowley, His weird friend Fregley and his brother Rodrick. I use white background because its the colour of the diary Greg have. The characters i got is also from the diary.

Analysis: Describing main character

Greg Heffley doesnt care about his wrong actions. He sometimes blames on his family, friends, and schoolmates , even his best friend, Rowley Jefferson. He is pretty much a loser. On some of the problems in the series, Greg finds himself in an awkward situations that often end with him suffering the most from humiliation, even by the adults in his life, and especially from his older brother Rodrick.

Synthesis: Issue in book

Greg and Rowley chased by the teenagers

Greg shouldnt threaten the teenagers by calling the cops, Greg is such an idiot, he knows that the teenagers are bad but why the heck does he have to be such a moron, saying "were calling the cops" to the teenagers is the worse thing he ever done in this book. If I were him, I would just go away and ignore them.I also would back away as far as i could so they cant annoy me.