Temperate Deciduous Forest

A beautiful forest with multiple temperatures and altitudes.

Taitianna Hardy

Temperate Deciduous Forest

The Temperate Forest is a forest that corresponds to forest concentration that are formed in the northern and southern hemispheres or temperate regions. You can find a temperate forest in places such as China, Japan, North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Attractions/tour packages

There´re are many fun activities to do in the Deciduous Forest. You can do things such as zip lining, you can do other rope activities, you can watch the different animals, you also go fishing! If you are not having fun anymore and want to go somewhere else, you can also go to the other forest nearby that´s similar to the deciduous forest called Taiga. Taiga is much colder than the deciduous forest. Taiga is the Russian word for forest and it is also the largest biome in the world.


The average precipitation of rain per year is 750 to 1,500 mm. The average temperature in the forest is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So when visiting the forest I suggest you to bring nice comfortable tennis shoes, a big thick coat, mittens for your hands so they won´t freeze, lots of socks, and jeans/sweat pants. Some additional things that would be good to bring along are scarfs, sweaters, earmuffs, and a travel kit for when going on hikes.
Environmental Science : Biomes - Deciduous Forests


This biome is globally important in so many ways. This biome is important to the animals that in the biome, the plants that in the biome, and also us humans. This biome is even important to the climate. This biome is a home to our animals/species, It is home to our plants, and it is a provider for us humans. This biome also control the climate globally.