5 Simple Ways to Create w/Your iPad

with Karen Wright-Balbier and Julie Rivas-Lopez (KB&J)

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Have you been looking for a few easy ways to have your students create using the iPad? In this session we will be looking at 5 iPad apps that you can quickly incorporate into a project in your classroom.
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Summarize with Word Clouds

Word Clouds by ABCYa.com
Word Clouds is an app that students can use to visually see words that describe a story, character, or poem. Students can copy and paste text from their reading to look for big ideas. During a writing workshop, word clouds can be use to find most commonly used words. Word Cloud allows for customization of colors and layout. It is perfect to use along with another project in class.

Math Example

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Word Cloud Board

Turn in your word cloud creation here.

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Tell a Story with TeleStory

TeleStory is an app that students can use to tell a story with video and effects. Record a news report, give a weather report, be a book critic and recommend stories, or pretend you are a famous rock star. Enjoy storytelling in a fun, new way.

Tellagami Weather Report Example

TeleStory Weather Report Example
TeleStory Board

Turn in your TeleStory creation here.

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Create Avatars with Tellagami

Tellagami is a nice app to use to share what you know with an avatar and picture. Customize an animated avatar, upload your photo, describe or tell what you know or have learned.

Language Arts Example

Tellagami Example

Science Example

Bear Habitat
Tellagami Board

Turn in your Tellagami creation, here.

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Design a Visual Presentation with Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck will allow you and your students to quickly create simple presentations. Import your own images or search through their online image bank. Presentations are accessible both online and through the app.

Social Studies Example

Science Example

Haiku Deck Board

Turn in your Haiku Deck creations, here.

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Paper Slide Videos

Paper Slide Videos are done in one take, with no pausing during the recording process. There is also no editing involved, which makes the process of publishing very quick. It is a good idea to story board your ideas and rehearse prior to recording the video.

Below you will find a link a to a story board document from Education World.

How to Create a Paperslide Video
Paper Slide Board

Turn in your paper slide creations, here.

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