Civil war Navys

Navy of union and confederates.

Union navy

.The union navy grew by 600% to meet the demands of war.

.The number of union merchant ships split in half during the war because of fear of being raided by southeners.

.The union navy nearly started a north-great britian war twice.

(image to right is USS Moniter)

Confederate navy

.The confederate warship the CSS Shenandoah was the only confederate ship to cross the globe and the last confederates to drop the confederate flag were the sailors of that ship.

.The confederates were the first people on the planet to ever use a submarine for military purposes.

Random facts

.First iron clad battle on earth happened during the war. The south USS Virginia fought the north USS Moniter.

.Some of the first aircraft carriers were invented.

.The Southeren CSS Alabama captured and sunk over 60 ships in total.

(website I got information from right below)


Why were merchant ships important during the civil war? they allowed the north and south to earn more money to buy more things like bullets, weapons and food from foriegn countrys like britian.

How were ironclads important during the civil war? they were super effective against the big wooden ships on both sides of the war(north and south).

Why were there only half as many north merchant ships during the war than before the war? Because the northeren merchant ships were afraid of being raided by southerners.


I think this topic is unique mainly because I love naval and air warfare. I think that we should address the naval topic more often because in wars we never here of the naval warfare that has some of the most important missions sometimes like destroying a deadly sub or a primary military outpost or base.