Welcome Back BMIT Teachers!

We wanted to provide a quick update on BMIT fall happenings. As you are aware, NDE employees have been collaborating to provide resources as you have been going back to school amidst new COVID challenges and restrictions.

Please take a look at the guidance from NDE CTE Staff on Launch Nebraska. There is also more specific guidelines for CTE classrooms. The links are below.

Professional Learning Survey

We, as a CTE and BMIT team, are also working to plan out and provide effective professional development, knowing that this semester looks very different compared to previous years in terms of needs and delivery. With that being said, we would like all BMIT teachers to complete this quick survey to help us plan the delivery of the BMIT professional development opportunities.
Professional Learning Survey

Please complete by Friday, September 18th

BMIT Website Updates

One of the things we are working on specifically for BMIT teachers is an update of the BMIT webpages to provide you with resources, professional development opportunities, easier access, and a better user experience. We hope to have the website updates completed by the end of September. This will be dynamic and we will continue to update resources and pages as needed.

Click image below to be re-directed to the BMIT website.


We will continue to update you with information about the updated website through the listserve.

The BMIT Listserve is used by NDE staff to send out all state wide communication. As a subscriber to the email listserve, you can also use the listserve to send out emails requesting resources or help from Nebraska BMIT Community and to share resources.

Here is a link to the listserve instructions.

Professional Development Opportunities and Updates

Contact your BMIT Team