The Great Olympics

By Jazmin M.

You hear about people winning gold, silver, or bronze medals. You wonder to yourself, “I want one!” But how can I ever get one?” The answer is the Olympics. If you would really like one get training now because tons of athletes train their whole life hoping to get into the Olympics. The Olympics have left a legacy and they have taught us that nothing is impossible.


The Olympics were very different from what they are now. Next I will be talking about the history that the Olympics have. To understand why we have the Olympics now is easy, we were just competitive and wanted to be the best, even in 776 BC! That’s when the first Olympics happened. The games were first held in Ancient Greece where they were just festivals of religion and athleticism. The Olympic games back then, (just like ours) were held every four years in the same place each time which was Olympia, Greece. Participants were from all over the place in Ancient Greece. During the first Olympics the only event was a 192-meter foot race which was won by Coroebus, the first Olympic champion! The champions were rewarded with wreaths and olive trees that grew behind the temple of Zeus which to them and was planted by Hercules (in their religion). The champions marched around when the flute was played and people chanted poems. The reason for these games was that the Greeks were highly competitive and wanted to win everything. Soon it would be the greatest honor to be an Olympia champion in Ancient Greece.


Many stars of the Olympics back then were Coroebus but that’s because they only won once. Stars of today’s Olympics are known for winning 10 or more times. Many stars of the Olympics in our modern time have won several times which is amazing. One example of one of these people is Michael Fred Phelps ll . Michael Phelps has won 22 medals in just three Olympic games! Phelps is record holder of 18 total gold medals! Another great medallist of the Olympics is Larisa Semyonovna Latynina. She is a Soviet gymnast that won 14 solo medals and 4 team medals which is pretty close to the record. Paavo Nurmi is next in line with 12 medals in all with 9 gold and 3 silver. He won these all in twelve events he had participated in. The final gymnast is not a top scorer in the line of the top medalists but has a long legacy since she was the first gymnast ever to be crowned a perfect score of 10 in the Olympics in the gymnastics event. This woman is Nadia Elena Comăneci and she won 3 total gold medals. All these gymnasts have been greatly admired by their hard work and their legacy.
Michael Phelps - The Record Breaker | Olympic Records
Nadia Comaneci - First Perfect 10 | Montreal 1976 Olympics


Finally we come to our modern time, 2016. This year is just another regular year right? No! This year Brazil will be hosting the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics! Countries, cities, and states all around the world bid on hosting the Olympics. Rio’s grand and final bid was 14.4 billion to host the Olympics! Places around the world hope to get the honor to host the Olympics. Rio’s 2016 Summer Olympics hope to have over 200 participants (Cities, Nations , States). A few examples of some sports that the Olympics will have is soccer, swimming, synchronized swimming, tennis, triathlon, and track and field. Many people hope to see all their favorite sports in the Olympics and many athletes hope to be the stars of the Olympics. Either way being in the Olympics is very exciting.

The world has Known the Olympics for being competitive games and their gold, silver, and bronze medals. The Olympics has brought something for people to forward in their life and has made people’s life special. They only had to work hard. Don’t forget that working hard will pay off and if work hard enough you can be in the Olympics.


-Participants: Someone or something that takes part of an event.

-Legacy: Someone who lives and leaves something important to the world.

-Olympics: Games held since ancient times and held every four years.