the disturbing truths of war revealed


War is something that causes alot of hurt weather its physically or metally it often leaves families in pain,worrying, and fear that maybe their son, daughter, nephew ect. may never come home at least not alive or maybe they might lose a limb. War just leaves a big empty hole in many lives

Why would Scranton use handheld footage from active military ?

There are many reasons Scranton may have used handheld footage. One reason is to show a more personal point of view showing how the soldiers see the violence and many deaths around them as the fighting is going on. Another reason Scranton uses a handheld footage is so that the soldiers will never miss a thing and still be able to be active in combat. The film is also very important to that specific unit filmed because their lives their emotions their feelings are in this film their reasons for going they just placed their all into the movie that was filmed.

Soldier survives Taliban Snipers

The video above :

This is a prime example of how using a personal video shows the emotions of the soldiers and every event that occurs around the soldiers in battle and how fast a change of events can occur

There are many reasons that men and women go to war

In the documentary Moriararty states that he went to war because he wanted his kids to have something to proud of because he felt like he wasnt doing enough to support them,but as this was said some also said he abandonned his duty as a father and as a husband by going to serve in the army. With this said this is an example of how fmailies and or soldiers are negatively effected which in my oppinion is most important.

SOLDIERS GOING TO WAR - "Your morning lullaby" -Lauris Reiniks

Mourning lullaby

The video above gives a somg and images briefly explaing the feelings of a soldier gone to war or leaving to war the song alos explains that there is always a feeling that the perosn may never return home.


To us patriotism means representing you country in a postitive way by doing positive acts, contributimg to your country as a whole, or it can be just as simple as wearing your countries flag or colors . Such as the men in the film going off to war trying to make a difference.

Restating our oppinion

With these examples bought forth war is just something that brings alot of pain and suffering because of how harsh it is and it needs to be the last option for anyhting war is just destruction of lives and so many more things