Year 12 Economists

Weekly Update 8

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Expectations Vs Appreciation

"Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly." - Tony Robbins

When we have such rigid expectations of how things "should" be, there are so many ways for those expectations to go unmet, creating an experience of frustration and disappointment. Upon reflection, this is exactly what happened to me over the last month with both Econ classes, which is why these weekly updates were put on hold until now. Rather than appreciate the (small) number of students that we're doing everything they could to improve and who were taking full advantage of the level of help/support available to them, I instead focused on the (large) number of students that weren't meeting expectations both in and out of class. This was indeed the wrong approach and I quickly realised that I needed to continue to help those who were helping themselves, but also allow those who weren't an opportunity to make their own choices.

I am definitely going to continue to do my part, with the complete understanding that I can only take you to the water, but I cannot make you drink! I now realise that:

1. There are some students drinking gallons.

2. There are some students just taking sips.

3. However, 40% into the course, there are some students still looking at the water (and i've seen quite a lot of dehydrated faces recently).

To the first group - i'm really proud of the effort you are showing - keep going.

To the second group - great consistent effort shown, but I know you can do more.

To the third group - good luck!

Seriously, thank you so much for the lesson learned - I appreciate you all!

Just remember...

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The revision notes for this week's topic: The Multiplier Effect can be found here.

*There will be an assessment (4, 8 and 12 mark) for class 12D/Ec2 on Tuesday 16th December. Homework over the Christmas break is also optional, so if you would like some work, please email me directly.

*Ayman, Samy, Nagar, Qamar and Reema - you will now need to complete this assessment after school on Wednesday (Dec 17th)

Weekly Revision Sessions will commence on the first Thursday back (a signup sheet will be sent nearer the time).

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Fleur East

One of my personal training clients and close friend, Fleur East, has made it to the X Factor finals tonight. She will be so happy to win, so please vote for her using the free X Factor app on your iPhone!

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