Camp Kydnie

Where every child has an opportunity to be themselfs.

Mission Statement!

Welcome to Renal Disease Camp. At this camp your child will be provided with help according to their disability effect. We will help them get better by providing them with special activities for them. Give your child the chance to be the kid they have always wanted to be, allow them to come on over to Renal Disease Camp.

P.S- Your child needs to be 7-16 yrs in order to enter this camp.

Camp Description

Camp Kydnei is in a inner city. Our camp is also very secured we have all of our gates closed (gates surround the cabins and offices), in order for someone to get inside they have to ring our bell them a special counselor opens the gate for them. We also have a nurse so whenever a child get hurt or has an accident the nurse will take care of them. You wont have to worry about your kid they will be in good hands.

Some of our incredible Activities!


8:00- Wake Up!

9:00- Breakfast Time!

10:00- Cabin (brush teeth, restroom)!

10:30- Go outside for special activities with counselors!

11:30- Start cleaning up tools!

12:00- Lunch Time!

1:00- Meeting Time! (get to know each other better)

2:00- Playground Time!

3:00-Swimming Time!

4:30-Change Clothes (restroom if necessary)!

5:30-Dinner Time!

6:00-Family Time!

7:00-Nature Trails Walk!

8:00- Sleep Time.

More About Our Camp!

We will be available during the summer so that the children will spend more time with us and so that they dont have any school problems. The best part of this camp is that we only charge $50 per week!! There will be 2 adults taking care of your children they will be taking care of them for the whole day/night and every day they are in the camp. There will also be 5 children in every cabin (about the same ages) so that your child has some company and doesn't feel alone. We promise you won't regret sending your child to Camp Kydnei for the summer, they will understand that they are not the only ones with this problem.

Extra Information.

A child with Renal Disease can do any type of activity they want to do, but they do need some one to be by their side to take good care of them. We will have a lot more activities for them. Your child will also need to bring their own personal accessories (pillow, blanket, tooth brush, hair brush, clothes .etc.) for them to keep in their cabin.