The Enligtenment

The scientific Method

The scientific method was a way to test ones hypothesis and prove if they were correct. The scientific method helped society learn more about science.

John Locke- Natural Rights

John Locke believed that all humans were born with 3 rights that could not be taken away from them. The three rights are life, liberty, and property. He also believes that it was the governments job to protest these rights and if they didn't the people could overthrow the government.

Separation of Powers

Baron de Montesquieu believed that the best government was one that's power was split up between the different branches of government. This and checks and balances are an important part of Americas government today.


Jean Jacques-Rousseau believed in individual freedom, he believed that all humans were equal and that one person shouldn't be treated differently to another because of their place in society. He thought all noble titles should be removed.

Part 2 John Locke

John Locke was a more positive thinker than most of the other philosophers. He believed that humans are basically good and learn from their experiences. He also believed in a separation of powers in the government. This is present in America today. He defined the 3 natural rights, the right to life, liberty, and property and it was the governments job to protect those rights. If the government didn't it was the peoples job to overthrow it. This is a large factor in the American revolution.

Part 3 How The Enlightenment changed Religion

A large part of the enlightenment was the philosophers, they questioned things from freedom to government control. The philosophers really changed the way people viewed society, government, and religion, prior to it people would listen to their rulers, go to church and blindly follow anything they were told. Afterwards however people began to think for themselves, they questioned why, if god were so good, that he would appoint such a cruel corrupt leader, why he would be so strict. Science also had a large part of the diminishing of religion. If people didn't know what the reason for something was or the purpose they would say oh it's just god. But the enlightenment made people question these things and find,scientific, concrete facts. So gods "power" over the people lessened from all of these things.