Passion Project Update

November 11

Hey, folks! I'm going to be heading to the Mideast for a STEM and peace education mission tomorrow, but I wanted to fill you in on where we are with the Passion Projects.

I'll also be sending updates about my trip when I'm away. Passion Project Conferences resume on 11/30.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Next Steps

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What Are We Doing?

There are some great works in progress in the 8th grade Quest Program! Here are just a few:

* Justice is keeping a daily journal with different kinds of artwork.

* Izzy is researching different parodies and creating her own modern-day Disney parody.

* Radha is researching different advances in robotic surgery.

* Bowie is decomposing and then reconstructing a deceased fox.

* Megan interviewed her grandmother about the experiences of aging

* Danielle composed a song based on a Mother Teresa quote.

* Will is making is own graphic novel comic.

* Evan is taking part in an international online science academy.

* Maya is putting together a documentary about Jane Goodall.

* Patrick has been deciding whether to work on rocketry or telescopes.

* Nicole has invented Agiciterradus, a dystopian world.

* Danny has pondered whether to pursue entrepreneurship with iOS apps or writing.

* Ally is preparing a play about diversity for elementary school students.

* Caroline has been writing creatively about feminism in different cultures.

Some Notes from Our Mentors