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My name is Creon. I am the ruler of Thebes. Everybody i loved died because of the choices I made. I wanted everybody in Thebes to respect me as a ruler. Now i just want my family back.

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@Creon 2:26 pm

I am the king. respect me, or you will be killed.

@Creon 1:50 pm

It's almost time for for me to kill @Antigone.

@Creon 5:30 am

Hopefully @Sentry will still fight for me after all i have done.
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This is where Antigone buried Polyneices body.
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I wanted to be liked by the people in thebes so much, that i made all of the wrong decisions and accomplished nothing, but getting my family killed.

@Ismene 6:30 pm

Everybody in our family died because of you. You are the worst king ever.

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@TheProphet 8:00 am

If you do not change soon, the gods will bring havoc to your town.

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@Sentry 10:30 pm

@Creon I will fight for you no matter what king. #Loyalty