We Have Memes so Join the Anawims

By Molly Smith and Whitney Hamilton

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What do we believe in?

Our people believe in the Messiah and believe that everything comes after the Messiah. The mission of this group is to follow, recognize, and bow down to God.
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Why should You join the Anawims?

you should join the Anawims because we put Jesus the Messiah before all things. Jesus comes first to us and is put above all. This is a lifestyle all people should take part in and with the Anawims that's exactly what you will do. Also, we have goldfish and memes at our meetings.
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How we are different!

we, the Anawims, are and will always be the best group because we put the Messiah first and our humbled with our love for God. Not only do we love God but we love ALL people, not many other groups can say that. By joining our group you will see the love we have for EVERYONE and we will NEVER be forgotten! THE ANAWIM WILL INHERIT THE EARTH AND WILL DELIGHT THEMSELVES IN ABUNDANT PROSPERITY! (Psalm 37:11)