new york

by sabryna whitney

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the flag

new York flag has Liberty justices and the eagle on it. new York flag was adopted in 1778.


this is the rose it is new York flower the color of the rose ican be blue pink and red there are all so orange and many more kinds

new York bird

the blue bird is the state bird of new York.
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new York tree

the state tree of new York is the Acer Saccharum it is a red tree. In the summer it turns
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new York License Plate

new York License Plate is FBR 1449 EMPIRE STATE


this is the new York map it is the shape and how big and log it is.
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brook trout

this is new York fish it is called a brook trout. A brook trout can be found in brooks lakes and steams

new York state song

I Love New York Radio Ad Song, circa 1977-1980
this is new York state song I love new York state
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this is new York mammal it is a beaver
new York Insect is a ladybug

new York shell

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this is new York shell it is called a bay scallop shell.
new York state fruit is a apple

places to visit in new York state

the twin towers

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the twin towers being hit when a jet hit them. the twin towers fell in 11, 2001 the time was at 9:59am the south tower collapsed. And the north towers fell down at 10:28am there was a total of 2,763 people that died that day.