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November 2022

A Message from Pruddy the Puma

A lot has happened since the last issue of The Puma Pulse! We had a successful conclusion of Trimester 1 with a fun filled Spirit Week. Trimester 2 started on November 7th.

Here at PHS, we believe in the Mayan Philosophy of "In lak’ ech"

What it means is; I don’t exist without you and you don’t exist without me. Therefore, you and I exist from relating, we exist from “us”.

According to various interpretations, Mayan people conceived the universe as a great unity where everything is related. The individuals, the community, the plants, the animals, the winds, and the spirits are united and nothing exists without the relationship to the other; everything is alive and everything is connected. That is why any action of one affects the other and that is why it is said that you are my other self. If I respect you, I’m respecting myself, and if I attack you, I’m attacking myself.

Let's take this philosophy into the November Break and practice peace and gratitude. We love you Pumas!

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Outstanding Work, Pumas!

Anisa Sahib providing excellent customer service with PHS Art Booth at The Burlingame Fall Festival.

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Happy Halloween!

Field Trip to the Aquarium of the Bay (Pier 39) w/ Mr. D's Biology Class

Volleyball Fun Tourney!

Congratulations to Sonia Gonzalez for being honored with the Golden Apple Award!

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Congratulations to Peninsula High School Student Nutrition Assistant Lead Sonia Gonzalez, the October 2022 Golden Apple Award recipient. Sonia was nominated by several of her colleagues:

Dan Varela: Sonia is a very wonderful lady who takes kid's health and nutrition to a whole new level. She is also a great role model to many kids in our school, especially her helpers, not to mention her wonderful and enthusiastic demeanor.

Viliami Dauwe: Sonia demonstrates exemplary service, improved quality and productivity of food that student nutrition's services serves here at Peninsula High School. She keeps her eyes on the weather and she survey the student and encaged in thoughtful conversation about some of their favorite food and then she'll return to her kitchen which is across the street from the campus and put together a menu with the ingredients of fresh fruit and vegetable and then drive the food to be served three times a day(I don't believe anyone else does this in the district everyday). In the midst of home isolation and distant learning for our student and especially in the roughest time of the pandemic she did home outreach by serving and putting together boxes of food for delivery to families that were facing food insecurity. Sonia exemplifies the spirit of everything that is Peninsula P.U.M.A and if we search for the definition of exemplary services she is the model of everything that is wholesome as a employee, a value member of the PHS family and a mother who cares and listen to the population of student she serves.

Ron Campana: Sonia does a tremendous job serving and meeting the needs of our students. She provides delicious, healthy choices and always provides positive energy and a smile.

Dan Michalske: Sonia prepares the food from across the street from PHS and has to transport the food BY HERSELF every morning and afternoon. The students love her and show her tons of respect. She is amazing and totally deserving of a Golden Apple.

Nora Barrientos: Sonia does an outstanding job with preparing delicious and nutritious meals for our students and makes a positive impact on our entire school community with her infectious enthusiasm. She works tirelessly to prepare a variety of new menu items, for example: pozole, fajitas, quesadillas, and enchiladas. Students love to see what her next culinary creation will be. She always has a smile on her face, even when faced with the challenge of having to prepare all her meals in her actual kitchen across the street and driving back to the PHS campus in a golf cart three times a day to deliver the delicious hot meals. Sonia also makes sure that nothing goes to waste by whipping up new menu creations as often as necessary. Sonia is such an inspiration to all of the PHS students and staff! For all these reasons and so much more, Sonia deserves to be awarded the Golden Apple!

Lara Montoya: Sonia is an instrumental part of the Puma Family, for both students and staff. Sonia has the tedious task of transporting food six times daily - from one building to the next, up and down the ramp through all types of weather. She always greets the students and staff with a bright smile and has embraced the Puma Spirit of creating a safe and welcoming space for all by building authentic relationships for support

P.U.M.A. of the Month (November)

“P.U.M.A.” (Professional, Unselfish, Motivated and Ambitious) of the Month Award by Mr. Hockaday

Jeremiah Jalilie, who currently works with his father as an electrician. He has aspirations of branching out on his own eventually once he graduates from PHS.

Alumni Spotlight

Lukas Munoz-Patino (Class of 2022) who currently working at the Target and on his way to becoming a supervisor. He currently works in customer returns.

Puma Tube!

Puma Tube is our bi-monthly video to make announcements & celebrate our students.
Pumatube 10/29/22