Angelica and Mikayla

What are mushrooms?

The active chemical in the hallucinogenic mushrooms is called psilocybin. This chemical is found in approximately 190 species of edible mushrooms.

Central nervous system

The disrupt how you nerve cells and the neurotransmitter serotonin interact throughout the brain and spinal cord. By changing the normal functioning of serotonin in the brain, mushrooms distort the way you process information and can cause you to hallucinate .


When you hallucinate, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. You may see, hear or feel things that don't exist. You may also have rapid and intense mood swings. It can cause panic attacks psychosis.

long- and short term effeccts

Long-term effects:

1) brain can produce flashbacks

2) psychiatric illness

3) impaired memory

Short-term effects:

1) increased blood pressure/heart rate

2) rapid breathing

3) chills

4) loss of muscle control

5) lack of coordination

6) violent behavior

7) dilated eyes