Dear Dan:

For starters, I am very concerned with your situation and the same time I feel happy for your big personality, because you are the type of person who ignores what others say, but anyway I think it's a litte uncomfortable.I understand your situation for the reason that majority of people or teenagers nowaday have every type of latest technology, music and also clothes, and they don't now how much money they waste. For example, in schools the 90% of the students have an iphones, tablets, computer in their houses, mp3,etc.. and are few who don't have this things. Another reason is that we are surrounded by technology, wherever we go we always are going to find differents types of gadgets.

Second, I can't deny that tecnology is very useful. For example, for search information, comunicate for our family or friends who are in another country, explore space and get all information we require, and the principal reason is that because it makes work and our daily activities easier. But people don't know how to use correctly as an example, teenagers are all day in their cell phones or computers and consequently they don't have time for study, they don't have time to go out with their family or prepare to be a professional person in the future. People begin to depend on computers and other forms of technology for everyday existence. This means that when a machine breacks or a computer crashes, people become almost disabled until the problem is resolved.

In the third place is that your friends criticize you because the want to draw attention, they want that you or who knows anothers konw they have money, etc... But you have to know that we can live without this gadgets, they aren't primary in our life. First, because we waste money and time . Also you have the right to listen the music you want and wear the type of clothes you want, for the reason that you are different , you are unique and you have to prove it.

To sump up, I think that you shouldn't listen your friends say, you have to be sure of yourself, sure of your personality and don't let that others say what you have to do. Be yourself, listen the music that you want, because are you who will listen that music. Wear the clothes that you want. You have to be the difference .

I hope this helps with your problem.