WPBA 5/24/15

Memorial Day!

Great way to spend our holiday!

Today was a great day! The weather held out for the most part. Thank you to every one who came out, joined us for the WOD, and stuck around for the food. We enjoyed ourselves, and we hope that everyone that came found it to be an excellent way to spend their day. Of course, going home and not being able to do anything because "Murph" whipped our butts!

Friday's WOD

We have a partner WOD planned for this day. So, plan on coming, and find someone to pair up with in the gym. The more the merrier.

The next Connect Event

We don't have any specifics right now, but we are open for ideas! We would like to have another outdoor event. Maybe another park outing. Feel free to leave some suggestions when you comment below.

Delayed reading of the WPBA

Since it was a holiday weekend we took a little longer to get our announcement up. You have until Wednesday at 2:00 to read and comment. We look forward to seeing you all in the gym. Talk to you soon!!