Technology in Atherstone?

what would you like to see?

New technology

With the increase of the use of technology in our modern day. Some of this is not helpful, but a major part can be used to help communities. For example in Education technology has improved school over the last 10 years.

How could it be improved?

There are many different ways people say you could improve schools with. It really depends on what you think of. To improve as an idea, you could give each student a watch with a little chip inside. At lunch time the students would be allowed to leave the school area and near 10 minutes until the end of lunch the watch vibrates to tell you it's time to start walking back.
Another good idea is where the student has a pair of glasses which can face time people. These are currently trying to be make by Google. You teacher would be able to face time the whole glass ate once so you can see everyone as well. so you could stay at home instead of building schools.

How can we make this happen?

The whole decision is up to the government, but you can tell MP's what you want them to construction through the media.