Militray and Goverment in sparta


  • You had to join the army at age 7 and had to live in the harsh barracks.
  • You could leave the barracks at the age of 30 and start a family but you were still in the army.
  • Other city-states were feared by Spartans great army, it was powerful
  • Because of the spartans army they helped play a part in the defeating of the Persians.
  • Because Sparta focused military, they fell behind in literature and arts.


  • They had an oligarchy, which did not have a lot of people in it a oligarchy is goverment ran by few people.
  • They conquered their neighbors and enslaved them witch the military feared that the helots would rebel
  • They had two kings that headed a council of elders there were 28 people over the age of 60 in the council.
  • All men over the age of 30 belonged to the assembly witch they voted on council laws and chose 5 people to be the ephors.
  • Goverment discouraged foreign visitors to keep from braking their goverment down.