Historical cases

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Pamela Shelley

Pamela Shelley died on a route to a hospital in 2001 after she was found with a gunshot wound on the head in the Texas home that she shared with her boyfriend. She had split up with her husband, and then moved with her two kids from Arkansas to Texas into the home of Ronnie Joe Hendrick, who was a old family friend. Investigators ruled her death as a suicide, but the case was re-opened 7 later by an investigator named Carl Bowen. Bowen did not fee right about the suicide ruling. And later enough evidence was eventually gathered to indict Hendrick in October 2012 with a trial set for September 2013. A few days later to the trail. A showing of “Cold Justice” featuring Shelley’s case showed it wasn't possible for her to shoot herself in the head from that angle. Hendrick plead guilty to a charge of murder. He was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Lynn DeJac

On November 28 1944 a woman named Lynn DeJac was found guilty of murdering her daughter. The prosecution convinced the jury that after a night of drinking and bar hopping Lynn came home and strangled her daughter to death. After being sentenced to 25 to life Lynn was released on her own recognizance. Due to new tests that showed the blood stains in the room where the murders took place contained DNA from her former boyfriend Dennis Donahue. The possibility the Lynn could be innocent of all charges lives on. But unfortunately Dennis can never be tried for the murder of Lynn's daughter since he was granted immunity for his testimony against Lynn. Unfortunately the Buffalo Police Department's cold case unit strongly believes that Dennis is the murder but can’t do anything to help due to his immunity. DNA evidence has helped close many cases and exonerated many falsely people who were accused. It was even said that with the DNA tests provided more evidence implicating Mr.Donahue than prosecutors had provided in Lynn's Trial. Lynn was the start to hopefully many people getting a second chance at life with the help of technology we have today

Ricky McGinn

Ricky McGinn was sentenced to death for raping his 12 year old step daughter. His wife let Ricky watch over his step daughter for the day so she could go on a road trip to Arlington, Texas. Her body was found three days later by a farm to market road. He sexually assaulted her and then beat her head in with an ax. He was found guilty for the murder after the DNA testing. His step daughter is Stephanie Flanary and his wife is Janet McGinn.