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Taking a Risk

Taking a Risk on At-Risk Kids

My Challenge to You

Take a look at this video. I am sharing this video with you because it is a great example of a school looking at their current situation, thinking outside their box, making the changes they need to make for their students, and taking risks. That is what we have been talking about as an entire faculty this entire school year, taking a risk.

When I watch this video I see educators that had the strength to recognize that what they have always been doing is not working for their students. I see educators that had the self-confidence to reflect and ask what can they do differently to help their students succeed. I see educators that had the courage to take a risk in how they taught in hopes that their students would respond favorably.

This is what I am talking about when I talk about permission to fail; Think outside of your box; Risk taking. No, I am not saying that we are going to flip our classes... but I am saying that I want Oakwood to continually examine our current practices, have the strength to recognize that we need to change what is not working, have the self confidence to reflect, and have the courage to take risks in a hope that our students will respond with success. This type of thinking will ensure that we are always doing everything that we can do to best meet the needs of our students.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.



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Tuesday: PRIDE AWARDS; Faculty Meeting (Library--4:10); CSISD Board Meeting

Wednesday: City Wide PTO Meeting

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