Cassidy Gifted and Talented News

Week of January 18

What We Are Up to This Week in Gifted and Talented

In Literacy, we are continuing with book clubs where students do comprehension activities and read in small groups. All of 5th grade is reading Johnny Tremain for their book club. They will be doing a research project of their choice in conjunction with this book. All other grade levels are working on their opinion unit. We will read a variety of opinion texts and discuss what makes a text persuasive. Students will then complete their own opinion project on a topic of their choice (e.g., commercial, poster, presentation).

In math, we are focusing on explaining why we have used a particular process to solve a problem.

In art, students are selecting a project that they want to complete that involves both research and practice of a particular technique. For example, a student might choose to research Monet and then practice developing a painting using his techniques.

General Intellectual

In General Intellectual, students are working on using inferencing and critical thinking skills to solve complex problems using a variety of problem solving techniques.

In Leadership, students are choosing a research project or action project. For example, they might choose to research the leadership skills of a great leader or they might choose something they want to change in the world or at Cassidy and design/implement a plan.

In creativity, students are choosing a project where they have to put their creativity skills to use. For example, they might choose to design an alien that is suited to live on a particular planet. They must consider how the alien will move depending on gravity, get sustenance depending on what is available on that planet, and survive the heat/cold on that planet.

In the Community

The Kentucky Agricultural Bus will be in the Fayette Mall Parking lot this Saturday. More info here.


Tynker is a website that teaches kids how to code for computer programming. It is a subscription service and has received a lot of praise. Here are a couple of other coding websites that your child might find interesting: and

Brain Boosters is a website on Discovery Education that engages students in critical thinking and problem solving activities.


Primary Talent Pool (Grades K-3):
Last week, we welcomed several new students to Primary Talent Pool and they are off to a great start! I sent home letters to new families last week explaining the services that your child is receiving. If your child was already in Primary Talent Pool for the fall, their service plans will remain the same. For new families, I send out a weekly newspaper via e-mail to keep you updated on what is happening in gifted and talented and beyond!

Gifted and Talented (Grades 4-5):
If your child was in gifted and talented for reading and/or math, their service plans will remain the same. I am adding groups in the areas of general intellectual ability and the arts to best meet the needs of the students in those areas. Last week, I sent home letters with your child about those groups. In your child's report card, I also sent you their Gifted and Talented Progress Report so keep an eye out for that. For new families, I send out a weekly newspaper via e-mail to keep you updated on what is happening in gifted and talented and beyond!