Don't Take Steroids

For Yourself and for Others:

Why Shouldn't You Take Steroids?

Since 1968, there have been 127 cases of steroid use in the Olympics. There have also been 122 football players, 45 basketball players, and 14 basketball players that were also caught taking steroids. Steroid testing should be stricter in order to establish the importance of the matter. Earlier this year, Donovan Bailey, a previous Olympic gold medalist, stated in an interview, "I don't really know why someone would want to do something that would damage their life, but I mean when there's money and fame, sometimes insecure people will do anything." He feels that when athletes that are caught using steroids, they should be banned from the sport for life, as it is their own actions that has led them to punishment.

Not only do steroids affect professional sports players, but it also hurts those around us. Athletes like Alex Rodriquez and Lance Armstrong are role models to many children. If these people see their role models taking steroids, they'll think, why can't I do this? Instead, young athletes should see professional sports players playing clean and fair, therefore influencing them to do the same. So, don't take steroids, and spread, the word, because this topic is greatly underrated and people need to shed some light on this current situation.