Principal's Update

School Closure Week of 3/23

Dear Students & Families,

On to week 2 of school closures. While I am sure some of you are already stir crazy, from a school perspective, we are starting to see a way through this. This week teachers will be sharing information with every student & family via email about their progress and some additional learning opportunities. I am asking teachers to communicate with all, but really focus on getting information to seniors and students who have low grades at this point.

In addition to school curriculum, I encourage students to learn life skills. I'll include a few examples at the end of this newsletter that they can work on.


Mr. Schoonover

Campus buildings are closed but food still provided

Monday, March 23rd, 10am to Friday, April 3rd, 12pm

Our School

HHS is providing free pick up lunch and breakfast service from 10:00 am to noon, Monday through Friday, for all children (ages 0-18) until during the COVID closure. At-home meal delivery is available, but reserved for families who are unable to pick up meals at the school. Pick up is in the bus turnaround. Student(s) must be present to receive meals.

No meals will be provided next week because it is technically Spring Break.

Outside of food service, the campus is closed. We have asked all staff to stay home for the next two weeks. This is all in an effort to reduce the chances of spreading COVID.

Gates (repeat from last week)

We are going to leave our school gates open Monday through Friday until 8pm to allow community use of the track & tennis courts. Please be sure your car is removed before 8pm. This policy could change if we see vandalism or facility damage.

Parent/Teacher Conferences changes

Due to our Parent/Teacher Conferences being cancelled, this week teachers will be updating their grade books and communicating with students/families. But please be checking your email occasionally. If you have any questions or comments for a teacher, please email them. Here is a link to our staff directory

If you haven't received communications from the school (and found this via social media), please log on to Skyward and check your contact information is accurate.

Keep Learning!!!

More than ever in recent history, students responsible for their own learning. We are preparing students for independence in college or career. Either way, students are going to have to show initiative and follow through. We are currently providing students with opportunities that depend on students participation and effort. I challenge all Hawk students to take ownership of their learning and rise to this occasion.

We strongly encourage students to take advantage of the time out of school, to redo or complete missing assignments. As a standards based grading school, students should be striving to achieve 4’s and show mastery of the content. Additionally, we will work on sending out weekly newsletters filled with information and activities students can complete to stay focused on learning. Again, next week teachers are available via email to answer any content related questions.

Organization for students

Hopefully, you have started receiving emails from teachers about learning opportunities and ways to show you are mastering the content. With 6 periods a day, that can be a lot. I would encourage you to think about how you can get yourself organized. There are a lot of blank schedule templates available online. Outline a map of how you are going to spend your time and tracking what needs to be done for each class.

Credit Recovery

Students if you are in Credit Recovery, you SHOULD still be making progress. If you have issues contact Mrs. Pershall, Mr. Johnson or Mr. Schoonover. (emails are

Online Resources

The most important thing in this is taking care of each other and keeping everyone safe. The second most important thing for students is to keep learning. Linked below are some resources to get them started. Please check the district website for a list of learning resources as well. I will share more next week.

These are mostly new resources.

***Links below

  1. IXL - Students should have recommended activities or diagnostic tests to take
  2. Go on to Schoology - Check your grades, redo or complete assignments that are not at standard.
  3. Advanced Placement - AP & the college board are going above and beyond to prepare students remotely. If you are in AP classes, take a look.
  4. Khan Academy - A wide variety of courses & curriculum
  5. CK 12 - provides free and customizable K-12 open educational resources aligned to state curriculum standards
  6. Moodle - This is where all our math assessments are based. Students should have log ins.
  7. Fort Vancouver Regional Library
  8. 25 Things teenagers can do during social isolation

Non-digital option = GO READ A BOOK!

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