Rome Vs. U.S.

Comparisons & Contrasts on law, justice, and citizenship


There are many difference between Rome's and the U.S.'s citizenship rules. One of the difference is that women didn't have many rights during the Roman times, but now in the U.S. women have many more rights. One similiraty is that men still have all thier rights. Another difference is that there are no slaves at all, back then there were slaves and they had no rights at all. This also creates another difference being that without slave there are no more freedmen, but back then when there was they had little to no rights.
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When justice is finally served, and it comes down to choice a punishment. Some of of the Roman's punishments included, fines, beatings, banishments, or even execution. All of these crimes like now are dependent on the crime. Now in the U.S. most of these are still in effect, but death is only given in some cases. The way that the U.S. kills is by lethal injection, in Roman times it was probably more barbaric.
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As always if laws are broken there is a punishment. Before laws were not completely written, so you had to trust that the person that was providing you information was not lying. Now in the U.S. laws are completely written and you can study them to make sure you dont break them.