animal cruelty

by one direction


We need stronger laws against animal cruelty.In paragraph two I'll tell you some news.In paragraph two I'll tell you about about your pet or a pet.In paragraph three I'll tell how long it's been happening.

paragraph 1

Baby kitten microwaved horse starved to death.These animals are innocent!I'm afraid if I go on I'll cry.

paragraph 2

OMG!Your pet just got microwaved!How would you feel if that RELY happened?OMG! your pet just got whipped!With no nae nae following! Now how would you feel? Animals have feelings too!Put your self in their shoes![or paws]

paragraph 3

This has been happening even before 1995!Along time ago they starved and whipped animals just because!


So in conclusion,we should have stronger laws against animal cruelty.
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