GOAT FIT & Bad Asphalt present

Strength & Conditioning For Athletes

A month of Conditioning and Run Form Focus for Injury Prevention.

Thursday, May 28th, 6:30pm

4321 West Estrella Street

Tampa, FL

This class is a perfectly timed training program to get your body in shape to tackle that fall schedule. We focus on developing your body to work most efficiently for your sport. Classes will consist of minimal running, run form evaluation, muscular endurance exercises, power moves, flexibility, run form drills, and some good old fashioned hard work. And fun. We are fans of fun.

4 weeks. Butt kicking fun. $100. Come join us. You know you want to. Be your Greatest Of All Time. Be your GOAT.

Email Coach Trixie with any questions, comments, concerns or witty memes. mailto:trixiegoat@gmail.com