Brain Development

The misunderstood organ

Brain functions are misinterpreted

Brain research has shown that the brain continues to develop or grow well into a person's mid twenty's. Neither half is responsible for any one function of the body. The halves of the brain are actually connected by intertwined fibers and one can compensate for the other when needed.

How are educators failing their students?

Educators need to remember that their students brains are still developing and growing. Every brain learns and develops at different rates as well as an injury or birth defect can effect a person's brain function. Educators are trying to use a "one size fits all" approach because of misconceptions about when the brain is fully developed.

Get to know your students

Students learn differently and educators need to make sure that they are teaching to those learning styles. Teachers should encourage and push their students to continue to learn as they grow. They should always strive to know as much as possible. Having lesson plans that allow students to learn and explore in ways that have them make connections between the curriculum, their interests and experiences, and allows them to do this in ways that work best for them.