21st Century: Teaching Techy Things

A Professional Development Workshop for the Not-So-Savvy Techies


Technology is a huge force that is taking over our lives! And the only choices are to either give in, or get lost. As a teacher, we know what our only choice really boils down to! So come and join us as we share our experiences letting technology take control, and we learn how to harness its true power! A fun and interactive workshop!


  • Meet the leading professionals in this rising trend in our local community.
  • Meet fellow teachers who are making the step to implement technology in their curriculum.
  • Find strategies that will work well in your classroom to further engage your students.
  • Learn ways to add technology into your normal routine in the classroom, to make a smoother experience.

Teaching Technology, a Professional Development Workshop

Saturday, Feb. 20th, 1pm

1801 Kalakaua Avenue

Honolulu, HI

Our Timeline

1:00-45PM: Late registration; Check-in

2:00-30PM: Welcome; Introduction

2:30-3:00PM: First guest speaker, Shayne Peat

3:00-30PM: Break; Lunch and refreshments

3:30-4:15PM: Second guest speaker, Brent Hirata

4:15-4:30PM: Group discussions

4:30-5:15PM: Third guest speaker, Jan Akano

5:15-30PM: Wrap-up; Closings

5:30-6:00PM: Check-out

*An ED 279 Learners' Choice Activity, A1-Workshop Flyer