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SIGN UP for Summer Events This Week

Summer Sign Ups due this week!

Sign up to go to The Rangers Game on June 24 and/or Six Flags on July 12.


We need to get a headcount for how many tickets to order.

The Rangers will be playing the Red Socks and the tickets will be $16.

The game is at 7:30 so we will leave Game On at 5:00 to get to the game

Transportation available.

Six Flags price is based on number: At least 10 ppl = $44, 15 ppl = $37.

We will leave my house at 9:00am and come back by 9:00pm.

Transportation available.

Be sure to invite your friends to Sign Up!

We need to know if you are planning on going no later than June 5th.

Project Sweat: SIGN UPS

This summer we will partner with Hearts for Homes again to work on peoples' homes that need a little bit of extra help.

It will be July 22-23.

The cost will be $20 (which will help cover food and t-shirt)

To order the shirts we need to have numbers soon.

Sign Up at

Last Remedy of the School Year!



This is our last Wednesday of the school year!

We will meet at our house, eat some pizza and then go over to Beth Marie's to get ice-cream as the reward for the memory verse competition.

Welcoming new 6th Graders this Sunday, June 5th

There will be a special youth time during service this Sunday for our current students to welcome the new youth. We will meet upstairs in the executive office and answer questions they may have about going into 6th grade as well as give them a youth bible.

We will, also, have a youth pool party Sunday evening, June 5th from 5:30 - 8:00.

Rachel Knowles parents, the James and Mary Earp, were kind enough to open their home to us, so we will be meeting there to celebrate the new 6th graders.

Here is their address: 36 Timbergreen Circle, Denton TX, 76205

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Youth Calendar, See what's coming up!

  • 6/1 Remedy: Celebrating Memory Verese Competition
  • 6/5 Welcome new 6th Graders/ Pool Party

* For more Summer dates check out the Summer Schedule below and make sure you stay in the loop by getting signed up to our text message service

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