Modern technologies

Technologies that I usually use


I started using facebook in 2010. I have 480 friends there and I know all of them. I’m sharing my photos and life events with them.

There is positive and negative things about Facebook

Positives and negatives


1.Communicating with friends easier

2.Getting information faster

3.I can find new friends

4.I can do video call


1.Makes an addiction

2.Spending too much time


I started using skype in 2007. I have about 100 contacts with who I communicate quite often. Once a week my friends and I are having a conversation.

There is positive and negative things about Skype


1.High quality of conversation

2.Files sending without any problems

3.It’s simple to use


1.You can catch viruses

2.Forgeting your real life

Mobile phone

I got my first mobile phone when I was just a kid, well about 8 years old. You couldn’t even match the phone I have now and then, everything changed: from the simple one to smart.

There is positive and negative things about mobile phone


1.It is compact

2.You can communicate with others easily when you need

3.It can be used as mp3 player

4.It can be used as camera


1.Makes strong addiction

2.Spreads radioactives, which are bad for our health

3.The battery life is not very long