By: Jayden Wartman

Basic Information

- Study origin, behavior, diseases, and life processes of animals.

- Perform experiments on both living and dead animals to study behavior and structure.

- May work at hospitals, zoos, testing laboratories, medical schools, pharmaceutical, and many others.

- Will range from $41,890 to $112,400 Nationally.

- Some species that may be worked on are mammals, birds, reptiles, and quite a bit more.

- Need a bachelors degree to become a zoologist.

- If wanting to become more of a researcher you will also need a Masters Degree.

- Very few colleges in some states offer a Animal/ Zoologist class.

- Learn about the body design of animals.

- Work many hours and usually have a lot of hard work.

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Preparing to Succeed as a Zoologist

- Some helpful high school courses are Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, English Composition, Physics, and a couple others.

- A bachelors degree is required to become a Zoologist.

- Some courses that should be studied in college are Biostatistics, Applied Calculus, Ecology, General Biology, Genetics, General Chemistry, and many others.

- A small list that is typically required in college are Advanced Ecology, Animal Taxonomy and Natural History, Population Biology, Quantitative Ecology, Reasearch Methods, and Statistics are some examples.

Available Colleges for a Zoologist

College #1: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Location: Madison, Wisconsin.

Address: 500 Lincoln Drive

Web Address: http://www.wisc.edu

Pros: Has the sport of tennis, basketball, and offers many degrees.

Cons: Very old school, kind of long drive from some locations, and also it's a huge public school.

College #2: California State Polytechnic University

Location: Pomona, California.

Address: 3801 West Temple Avenue

Web Address: http://www.cpp.edu

Pros: Includes the sport of tennis, basketball, and has a large campus size.

Cons: This is a pretty old college, not many degrees are offered, and is a pretty far away drive from where most people live.

College #3: California State University

Location: Long Beach, California.

Address: 1250 Bellflower Boulevard

Web Address: http://www.csulb.edu

Pros: It's located in a warm state, includes a lot of degrees, and has the sport of basketball.

Cons: Pretty expensive college, doesn't include the sport of tennis, and has a small campus for the population of kids.

Zoologist Contact Information

1st Association

Name: Department of Integrative Biology

Address: 288 Farm Lane. East Lasiins, Michigan.

Phone Number: 517-355-4640

Website Address: https://integrativebiology.natsci.msu.edu

2nd Association

Name: Zoological Association of America

Address: PO Box 511275 Punta Gorda, FL 33951-1275.

Phone Number: 941-621-2021

Website Address: http://zaa.org

Job Advertisement

Do you like studying animals and animal life? Did you enjoy all the courses in school when you were younger such as math, science, English, and Social Studies? Did you ever want to work in hospitals, testing laboratories, and some others? If you said yes to any questions, this might be the job for you! This occupation is named Zoology. In about five years, there will around 630 jobs available. Most likely you will one of them if you apply. If you would work in Wisconsin you would make between $35,700 to $92,030! Nationally you would range between $41,890 to $112,400! The amount you earn is based on how experienced you are. If your thinking of applying please call as soon as you can at 041.061-090 or visit Occupational Outlook Handbook or Wisconsin AHEC Health Careers Health Careers Information Center.
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