Inspire Elementary Weekly Update

June 28, 2019

Mark Your Calendar

July 8-12: Jr Engineering Live Summer Camp

July 8-12: The Living Arts Summer Camp

July 15-19: Healthy Lives Summer Camp

The Principal's Corner

Self Regulation and the Early Learner

So you think your child is ready to begin Kindergarten; Middle School; High School; a career?

One of the greatest predictors of an individual's readiness and success is their ability to self regulate their actions and behaviors to benefit the achievement of personal or professional goals. In fact, good social-emotional health is dependant upon the development of self-regulatory skills.

This does not mean that all students should behave robotically and does not have any correlation to limiting a person’s creativity or “free-thinking”. Self Regulation is a set of taught skills that help us critically think about how our actions affect outcomes and long-term goals that help us feel confident and accomplished while bringing happiness to our lives.

At Inspire Elementary we partner with our families to teach self-regulatory skills beginning at enrollment. Our Yoga program for young learners is aligned to Ohio’s Social Emotional Standards. We teach calming and focusing techniques to reduce stress and improve critical thinking in our students. Our families are encouraged to reinforce and monitor positive strategies to grow self-regulatory skills such as the following:

  1. Organizational Skills - Young learners should be given organizational goals and challenges regularly to increase their understanding of the learning community. From sorting blocks to socks, we learn how to make our learning environment more efficient.

  2. Critical Thinking Skills - Young learners need to make choices with both positive and negative outcomes. Balance is the key. Children should be challenged to make choices daily with an end of the week reflection on what they liked. Self-advocacy is an important step in building confidence in their own thinking as young learners.

  3. Sharing Skills - Young learners have to develop their thinking beyond self-awareness. To do this we need to prepare them to be successful in collaboration and learning. Teach taking turns, delayed gratification and caring for others feelings or thoughts early.

Finally, a word of caution. Much has been and will be written and said about the impact of stress and how the mind functions decline when overstimulated by stress. There is a great amount of evidence that this is in fact true. However, be mindful that many times young and older students can use stress to avoid, control and manipulate their environment. If this behavior is pervasive and consistent stay calm and positive. Reduce stress and don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek outside help. Some students may need professional Medical Health support to improve their learning.

These are but a few of many of the most basic skills but they have a tremendous impact on the academic growth and social development of a child. Have a wonderful time working with your children and a safe and happy summer!

Inspire Updates

Dear Parents and Friends,

We hope that all of you are well into having a safe and enjoyable summer. All of our Inspire staff miss your students and are looking forward to their return in August. We have been busy planning new activities, hiring additional staff and enrolling new students for the upcoming year, so things are getting exciting as we head into July.

There are a few items of note to share beginning with enrollment. Our student numbers have almost doubled since students left in May. We are receiving much interest from the Gifted and Talented learning community as well as families from across the Franklin and southern Delaware County areas. If you have friends with children who may be looking for that right school or learning opportunity this fall, please encourage them to enroll as soon as possible while we still have space available. Waiting lists are already forming for the 2020-2021 school year as well.

We wish to welcome our new families with a Parent Night get together in early August. Dates and times will be announced next week and we hope our returning parents and friends can join us for a great evening event.

Construction is still underway to add more than seven additional classrooms to our building. With an occupancy goal by August 10th, we look forward to the great new spaces it will provide your students next year.

We hope all of you have a safe and fun July 4th celebration as Inspire Elementary begins our approach toward the exciting year ahead!

Enroll Today!

It's time to make sure your enrollment or re-enrollment packet is in! Please be sure to turn it in as soon as possible to get your spot reserved. If you need a new packet, stop by any time to get one or you can click here to enroll online.