The Brahmans

The Highest Ranking In the Caste System

About the Brahmans

The Brahmans were the highest ranking class in the Indian Caste system. They were mostly priests but were also nobles and higher ranked officials. The Brahmans were the smartest and most religiously inclined people in the system and in the civilization. They were often referred to by the kings and leaders for advice on how to rule or on anything religious.

The Caste System

The Caste System was the system in which you were classed based on your social stature in Ancient Indian societies. The system consisted of: The Brahmans, the highest and most educated class that included the priests. The Khastriyas, the second highest that were the warriors. The Vaisyas, who were the commoners and merchants and were the third class. The Sudras, who were the peasants and the second to lowest class. The lowest class, if considered one, were the Untouchables.

Life as a Brahman

Life as a brahman was very giving. You were born into the highest class and you can't go down, so you were the best treated throughout the whole system. Punishments were not severe, and they were very respected people and were viewed as more powerful than the king himself. You had many responsibilities as a brahman, like giving advice to the king and performing rituals for the gods. You were also lucky enough to be the only class to go to school and teach.