Center Point-Urbana Schools

Foundation Board

The Purpose of CPU Foundation Board

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide funding that supports its mission and to ensure that Center Point-Urbana Community Schools remain a leader in the State of Iowa by providing the students a unique experience. This experience will be achieved by utilizing the latest technology, enhances the educational experience, and providing state-of-the-art athletic and arts facilities and equipment. The Foundation will also provide an avenue for community, staff, and alumni to preserve and enhance the district. This support will take the form of scholarships, mini-grants, memorials, and endowment contributions.

Growing our Kids and Community


The CPU Foundation is a private non-profit organization committed to continuing excellence in the Center Point - Urbana public schools. The CPU foundation will be managed by an independent Board of Directors separate from the School District. The foundation will help provide a wide range of needs beyond those covered by the school district budget, including programs, scholarships, equipment, facilities and special events for the more than 1,600 students in CPU’s primary, elementary, junior high and high school.

As the development, work and planning of the CPU Foundation progresses the directors invite you to invest in our children and community. To begin its work, the Foundation will need help from people like you who are willing to commit their time and financial resources. Everyone’s support of the Center Point-Urbana Community School Foundation is an investment in our children and our community.