By: Sofia Cyrus

Soul Surfer

Bethany Hamilton was surfing. She was resting just laying on her board. Then all of the sudden, a shark bit her arm off. She was rushed to the emergency room. She almost died because she lost so much blood. She took a long time to recover but she tried her hardest to go back to normal. She had the perseverance to do that and also to start surfing again. She acted like she still had an arm. The problem was that her arm was bitten off by a shark. The solution was that she had to persevere and get back up, and try to surf again.


There are four events in Rudy's life that have been sequenced. First, Rudy goes to Holy Cross Junior College. He has to go there to get the grades, because going to Notre Dame is his #1 dream and it has been since he was a child. Second, he applied to Notre Dame. He didn't get accepted because he didn't have good enough grades. Third, he applied three more times. On the fourth try, he got in. At first, he started off as being the tackling dummy for the football team. Fourth, he wanted to try out for the football team. He has been doing football his whole life. He was one of the best players on the team in highschool.


Rocky Balboa is a small time from working class Philadelphia. He is a boxer who struggles to make the big time. He gets a lifetime chance to fight the all time heavy-weight champion Apollo Creed, who is already set up to win. He starts training like he never has before. After a lot of training, Rocky is ready for the match, and he wants to prove that he can go the distance with Apollo.


As a young boy, Louie Zamperini is always getting into trouble. With the help of his older brother, he turns his life around and channels his energy into running. His brother was in track and field, then Louie carried on the tradition. He became very good at running and ended up being a track star. He was so fast that he left his family and friends to go train for the Olympics. When World War II breaks out, Louie enlists in the military. His plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean. He ended up surviving 47 days adrift in a raft. He was with his two friends, Mac and Phil, but only Phil survived. They both fell asleep one night, and woke up entering a Japanese POW camp. He survives, despite being pursued by a sadistic guard nicknamed the Bird, punched in the face over two hundred times, and forced to clean a pigsty with his bare hands. Louie gets home safely to reunite with his family and to marry his first love, Cynthia. The cause of adversity was Louie leaving to go train for the Olympics, ending up at a Japanese military camp. The effect is that he has the perseverance to never give up. He survived until the end.