William Shakespeare

One of the greatest playwrights in the English language


Born in 1564, the English playwright, writing 38 plays and 150 sonnets, William Shakespeare was known to be one of the most renowned poet and actors in the English language. William Shakespeare was Born in Stratford Upon - Avon and Lived in Queen Elizabeth I reign and died at the age of 52.


Shakespeare joined one of these companies in London and started writing plays for the company to preform. Doing that, William Shakespeare earned himself a reputation as one of the greatest playwrights in the English language.

Impacts on Today

Shakespeare's achievements have helped him in many ways like getting the Globe Theater built in his name in 1599 and since then his plays have been played all around the world and in the Globe Theater. William Shakespeare's plays have affected how the English language evolved and several words and phrases such as "all's well ends well".

More Facts About Shakespeare

- He was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon
- He married a women 8 years older than himself

- He had 3 kids

- Lived in Queen Elizabeth I reign.

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