January 2016 Newsletter

OSD Special Education


Well, January has been a busy month and it's only half over! We have been gearing up for safety net, which is due February 5th for most of you. Please connect with your director to have one of us review the document before you have your meeting. We are hoping to have everything done and completed no later than February 15th to give our office enough time to run calculations and prepare the documents for submission.

We've been privileged to hire new staff who all started this month. Please welcome Amber, Sara, Tara, and Rebecca to our district.

Cissy, Skylar, and I are meeting with our leadership team all day on January 22 for our winter leadership retreat to do some planning for the remainder of the school year and to start planning for NEXT YEAR (yikes!). We will be using the survey data from the transition survey, looking at current caseloads and making some projections for next year's programs.

Our Special Education Leadership Team (SPELT) is meeting with Wednesday, January 20 for the afternoon to continue work on our programming offering and how best to support our students in the CORE curriculum.

Suzie Anthony has been busy working collaboratively with the technology department to clean up the process for requesting assistive technology for students in our district. She is planning on doing some training at the Feb 22nd staff development offering to present the process and offer some suggestions for how to support your students and building staff.

I have begun work on setting up a work session for our adaptive PE staff to meet with our PT and OT staff. This collaborative work will go a long ways in supporting students in a great inclusionary opportunity in our buildings.

Lots of work to do and positive changes in our future. Thanks for all that you are doing! You are definitely appreciated.





Please welcome

Tara Curtis OT at Jefferson, Garfield, ORLA, and Lincoln,

Rebecca McGraw SLP at Olympia HS, Centennial and Private Schools

Sara Warren DLC teacher at McKenny

Amber Yap new Resource teacher at Madison


WA-AIM workshop

Monday, Jan. 25th, 12:30-5pm

Knox Administration

Workshop session for those staff with students taking the WA-AIM assessment.

Registration #

Contact Jen Douglas if you have additional questions.

Remind your paraeducators about Jan 29th PD Opportunities

There are some opportunities for your para educators on the half day on January 29th. Please remind them to sign up and attend.

Special Education Staff Development opportunity> Assistive Technology and UDL

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 3-5pm

Knox Board Room

This session, Suzie Anthony will be joining us to share about Assistive Technology.

registration # 54399

remember we do 2 sessions> 3-4 and 4-5


Restraint and Isolation Policy changes

Here's what you need to know and what our process will be.....

* We are still providing the families with the 1 page version of the procedural safeguards, that has a short synopsis of the new restraint and isolation policy.

* This updated form will be in the livebinder. Please shred your current handouts, so that it references the correct policy.

* In the PWN in the "Other" section, please just put in "Parent was informed of their Procedural safeguards and Policy 3246."

Administrator Designee Role

I wanted to clarify the administrator or district designee role on the IEP team. Anyone who serves on the IEP team can serve in dual roles for two of the positions (this person must also sign in BOTH places). Additionally, the administrator/designee cannot be excused. To serve as the administrator/designee they need to be able to speak to all of the following:

  • (i) qualified to provide or supervise SDI,
  • (ii) be knowledgeable of general education curriculum, and
  • (iii) be knowledgeable of district resources (such as programs, options, available services).
The district representative is critical in that they make the final determination if the team is unable to come to consensus. They should also verify the IEP is compliant.

Required team members (who can serve dual roles):

  1. Special Education staff
  2. General Education teacher
  3. The “representative”
  4. An “individual who can interpret evaluation results”

Additional information on IEP team membership can be found at the following link: WAC 392-172A-03095

Progress Reports

Progress reports are an important communication tool for families. They serve several purposes and need to provide enough information to support your work with the student and establish defensible (data driven) progress toward the goals.

Elementary is sent out each Semester.

Middle School is sent out each Quarter.

High School is sent out each Semester.

You should have each month accounted for when you send out your reports each time. You can choose to do this monthly or at one sitting prior to sending out.

Please avoid terms such as "same as last month", "no change", or just "75%". None of these help to share with the parent what the progress is. Your notes should provide enough information that it is evident what the actual progress is and what data you are using to justify this report.


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