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Hi There Ladies!

Hopefully you've all had a chance to read Ayesha's month end re-cap. I love how she gave us real life screen shots of her personal business. If you didn't get it or need me to resend, please let me know. She covered a lot of really important information and I'm not one to recreate the wheel.

If you joined Beautycounter because you want to earn extra income, you can totally do it. I know several woman who were able to quit their day jobs because the income from BC was enough. That being said, there will be changes to our compensation plan beginning April 1, 2016. If you have not seen the email sent from corporate with a video explaining everything, please let me know. I strongly suggest you watch it. The compensation changes will not have much impact on this team. However, one thing is incredibly important to know and understand is "compression." Compression is another way of saying weeding out those that are not working the business. Minimums will begin to be enforced. If you are currently not meeting minimums, let's set up a time to talk. The minimum requirements should be pretty easy to meet. I want to make sure everyone understands what they are and how to achieve them.

Here are couple of ideas to help you meet your minimum requirements.

Socials -Ideally, we would all have one a week. However, I'm a realist. Aim for one a month. If you can have one social outside of your network every month, your business will grow. I have a lot of "words to say" and ideas for approaching prospective hostess.

Grow your own team - I don't know anyone that really enjoys recruiting new consultants. However, it is a great way to increase your monthly income and meet those minimums. If you are not comfortable mentoring someone, I'm here to help. Don't pass up the opportunity if you think someone might make a great consultant.

Follow up - Have you had follow up conversations with EVERY person who has tried your products? It's never to late to follow up. There is a reason there is a saying, "the fortune is in the follow up."

Facebook Opportunity Chat with Ayesha and Me (times below are Central)

Tuesday, March 8th, 8:30-9:30pm

This is an online event.

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016 Ayesha will be hosting a Facebook Opportunity Chat. What is an "opportunity chat?" Ayesha will lead a discussion about the Beautycounter business and why now is a great time to join the movement. We will both be available online to answer questions about the business opportunity.

I'd like each of you to look through your contacts and come up with 5-10 people you think would make amazing Beautycounter Consultants. Hold on to that list for now - Ayesha and I will be in touch regarding inviting prospects to attend.

This is a great opportunity to let Beautycounter Leaders do the work for you. I have an incentive too....For every person you are able to recruit to participate in the call (yourself included) you will receive one entry into a drawing to win an amazing prize (TBD)! 10 people - 10 entries!

Beautycounter 40 Person List

Do you feel like you've run out of people to contact about BC? I promise you, there are still people out there who might be interested. Your list should constantly be evolving and growing. Here is a worksheet to help that brain of yours think outside the box.

Directions: List the name of the first person who comes to your mind (man or woman!). CALL that person to tell them about Beautycounter’s mission. Write down the date you called them. Highlight their name once you TALK to them. When you have CALLED three times without response, cross them off your list.

  1. Best Friend

  2. Past Roomates

  3. Past Teammates

  4. Fittest/Healthiest Person You Know

  5. Someone who is a coach

  6. Someone who is a teacher

  7. Someone who is a nurse

  8. Someone who eats organic

  9. Someone who has had cancer

  10. Someone who has lost someone to cancer

  11. Moms with little kids

  12. Someone who has dealt with infertility

  13. Someone from daycare

  14. A Coworker

  15. Who do you buy Christmas gifts for?

  16. Who is your hair stylist?

  17. Who has hosted a party that you’ve attended (Pampered Chef, Thirty-One)?

  18. Who is a stay at home mom?

  19. Who works out?

  20. Your chiropractor

  21. Pastor’s Wife

  22. Who would you call if you got arrested?

  23. Who did you call to save you from a bad date?

  24. Who was your best friend growing up?

  25. Who is the best cook you know?

  26. Who is a “coach’s wife”?

  27. Who is the most spontaneous person you know?

  28. Who is the hardest worker you know?

  29. Who is always on the go?

  30. Someone who loves animals

  31. Someone who uses Essential Oils

  32. Military Wife or Active Military

  33. Who would you first invite to a concert?

  34. Who would you call to see a chick-flick?

  35. Who would call YOU to babysit their children?

  36. Who lives in another state that you still keep in touch with?

  37. Who comes from a family with lots of sisters?

  38. Who has a child with allergies and asthma or sensitive skin?

  39. Your first choice for partner work in your college courses for your dept?

  40. Someone who loves to run/hike