Google Forms

Collect Data the Easy Way

Please fill out this survey:


You will create a Google form to use in the classroom with your students - you pick the topic. Suggestions are listed under Resources & Ideas at the bottom of this page. Or you have the option to create a form to gather information from parents if that would be more useful to you than using it with your students.

The following video explains how to create a Google form.

Google Forms Tutorial

Minimum requirements for your form:

Give your form a title.

Pick a theme.

Include at least 5 of the following question types:

  • 1 text question
  • 1 longer answer (paragraph) question
  • 1 multiple choice question
  • 1 checkbox question
  • 1 choose from a list
  • 1 scale question

Collect your responses in one spreadsheet (the default).

1. In Google Drive, click Create and select Form.

2. Add questions, edit on this page:

4. Send your form.

Send your finished form to Ann DeBolt at


One of the assessment questions will ask you about Ann DeBolt's responses to your form. After you have shared the form with me, and I've had time to submit my answers, you will have to refer back to your Form (Responses) in Drive to find the correct answer.

Please make sure that you have viewed my responses BEFORE you take the assessment in eduphoria. That way you will be able to answer all of the questions in the assessment.

5. View the responses to your form in Google spreadsheet in Drive. Find the spreadsheet called Title of your form + (Responses).

Resources & Ideas for Using Google Forms