My Intelligence Kills

B Carter 7th

About ME

I am Breanna Carter a sophomore in high school. I'm a dancer, clarinet player, participate in a pageant, plays softball and a cheerleader. I am a outgoing butterfly. I am a hard-worker when it comes to grades my education is worth it. I am independent and does not mind to be myself. I stand up for what is right. I like improve myself each and every day


  • I want everyone to see how talented I am. I will show how i progressed over the year how my writing changed. It shows who i am my character and creativity. It can benefit you by giving you ideas later in wanting to start a business.

6 Words Memoir

I love remaining true to myself

Quote 4

"Life is 10% what perfect happens to you and 90% how you respond to it- Lou Houltz

Sun/Shadow Sentence

I am like a tulip because i am beautiful :)

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

My essay is about me winning a pageant called NAM. My strengths is the introduction, good choice of transition words, and good counter argument. Some of my weakness is keeping imagery in my paragraphs. I like that we get to present these award speech. I would change how we present it. I would make everyone have a video to show someone winning the award you want.

School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

Ever took the time to notice how our students dress mature for our age? Having school uniforms adds fuel to learning. Private Schools been using school uniforms but it is time Henrico County Public Schools to use them. Henrico County Public School (HCPS) should enforce school uniforms because it decreases bullying and decrease discipline.First, School uniforms will decrease bullying by not being picked on by how expensive your outfit cost. It will be less of a distraction to classes about wearing their new shoes. Bullying kills adolescence across America. Students would not have to be embarrassed for no having or being able to afford the latest trends. Adolescences will have the same look no matter your economic situation.

Furthermore, School uniforms decrease discipline because we would not have to have dress code checks in the morning. Students will focus more about learning. There will be less to distract students from learning environment. Students are more likely to concentrate on gaining an education. There would be no more thinking in the morning to wear. Everyone looks the same even for safety reasons.

Since School Uniforms decreased bullying and discipline, Henrico County Public Schools should adopt uniforms. Students argue “but we will not be able to express their individuality”. However, you can express yourself through your hair, nails, art, and/or jewelry. All in all School uniforms will change the SOL and HAT scores dramatically. School Uniforms is like having a zoo with different animals but has the same coat. Having school uniforms can greatly affect our working environment!

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