Mrs. Sumner's Classroom News

May 16, 2016

A Few Reminders

There will be no school this Friday. I hope you all enjoy your last intersession. Also, Library will be Tuesday morning since we will not be here Friday. Please have your child return their book. They will not be checking books out due to intersession! Thanks!

Important Upcoming Dates

May 20th - No School

May 23th - Intersession

May 30th - No school - Memorial Day

May 31st - Return to School

June 7th - Guest Teacher/DRA2 Testing (Final)

June 16th - 1/2 day of School

June 17th - Kindergarten Celebration of Learning (more information will be going home next week)

Last Literacy Tip

Tip#12: Reading is FUN!!!

This week’s tip is all about fun! J A great way to teach your child to love reading is to make daily reading activities fun and enjoyable. Use funny voices when you’re reading a book. Be silly and goofy and act out the funny parts of the story. Laugh out loud together as you read the amusing parts. When you make reading fun for your child you are encouraging them to want to read too. Through these fun activities you are really showing your child how to be a life-long reader, and most importantly one that reads for enjoyment! J What a powerful way to impact your child for a lifetime; while spending quality time with them. So have fun, be silly and read, read, read!!! Happy Reading!

Academic Corner

Reading - We will begin our "Readers Theater" plays. The students will be introduced to their part and begin practicing with their group. we will also be studying different authors.

Writing - We will continue working on informational writings. I am going to take a few days and review the important steps while writing (spaces, capitalization, punctuation, using word wall to help spell words correctly).

Math - Finish up our last math topic. We will be having our assessment on this unit Thursday.

Mrs. Sumner

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you!