The Hunter and The Lion

By: Tanner Cellio

One nice sunny day a young man was walking down a road. He then saw a lion.The lion’s paw was cut badly by the fight with the fox. The man was a hunter. Instead of killing the lion and getting the fox to eat the man slowly went up to the lion. The lion growled when he saw his gun. The man slowly wrapped the lions paw with cloth to stop the bleeding. The man then let the lion enjoy his meal that the man’s poor family would have really enjoyed. The hunter then went home.

One year later the hunter was sent to jail but he wouldn’t go. After he wouldn’t go they took him to an arena where he would be eaten by a lion.

He was then released in the arena with the lion. The lion immediately recognized him as the person that saved him. Then the lion jumped on the cage to brake it. The man then escaped through the cage.

Theme: What goes around comes around.