Post Apartheid Foreign Relations

By: Rohina Aslam


  • Apartheid: isolation between white South Africans and black South Africans

  • President after apartheid: Nelson Mandela (ANC Party)

  • South Africa was isolated from the rest of the world during the apartheid era

  • many trade sanctions that were placed during apartheid we're lifted

  • diplomacy was divided between retaining the ties between African states who supported the ANC and maintaining good relations with economic powers that would further the development on South Africa

First Steps

  • South Africa was dominant among the African states due to military, economic, and political dominance

  • before extending into the international community, Mandela tried to establish pan-African unity

  • ANC increased South African embassies primarily in the African subcontinent as well as internationally

  • became a key player in the race to end political and social crises in Africa since the end of apartheid

South Africa and the United States

  • always had presence in South Africa since the opening of the US embassy in Cape Town in 1799

  • worked against South Africa during apartheid era

  • had excellent relationship prior to democratic elections

  • both cooperation in efforts regarding terrorism as well as to eradicate HIV/AIDS

  • United States provided assistance to increase development

South Africa and China

  • during apartheid South Africa supported the “Two China” policy which made Taiwan and sovereign state

  • continued this after apartheid due to Taiwan's gravitation toward democracy

  • Switched support to the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) and “One China” policy after Hong Kong was handed back to China after British Colonial rule


  • first step to enter the international community was to be part of international organizations

  • many commonwealth organizations such as the United Nation and the Organization of African Unity

  • also joined the non-aligned movement

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Connection to Kaffir Boy

  • due to isolation during apartheid there wasn't a lot cultural flow which lead to many black South Africans to be oblivious of the outside world

  • Mark Mathabane was unaware of the polar opposite America, which he only learned about after his involvement with Arthur Ashe

  • Similarly, many South Africans learned about other nations due to the slight increase in the standard of education and the countries involvement with the international community


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