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Years from now You'll Realize Why This Is Your Turning Point

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1) Career Insider Certificate Scholarship Date & Time: 7 August 2021 (Sat.) 9:30am to 5:30pm. (Hong Kong time, online webinar)

25% of fresh graduates in Malaysia are unemployed during Covid-19, according

to Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini Ahmad.

In collaboration with ChangeU EAcademy, Universities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia are offering 10 Scholarships to their undergraduate students for the upcoming Career Insider Certificate Program. This very useful, proven online Webinar will help undergraduates as well as fresh graduates gear up to be hired in the highly competitive corporate workspace.


1) Title of Public Webinar
Career Insider Certificate: What Top Brands are looking for in The Top 10% Most Hireable Graduates

6 Benefits of attending Career Insider:
1. Chance to be selected for “The Top 10% Most Hireable Graduates in Hong Kong/ Singapore/ Malaysia”.
2. Opportunity to be hired in Top Brands and Fortune 500 MNCs in the region.
3. Upskill your life skills that will greatly improve your life now and in the future.
4. Character Referral.
5. Admission into Rice Apprentice and BorneoHunter Database for candidate selection.
6. Average rating by participants: 8.5 out 10 (Excellent)

University Offer: 10 Scholarships worth HK$20,000 /SG$3,200 /RM9,990

NOTE: If your CGPA is less than 2.7, your chance for scholarship is low.
For those who were NOT selected for the 10 Scholarships for each University, they can still apply for the Special Subsidized Covid-19 price: HK$399 /SG$64/ RM199 /US$50 or HK$199 /SG$32/ RM99 / US$25 x 3 installments (standard price: HK$1,999 /SG$320 /RM999 /US$250)


Watch intro video:

Read more about Career Insider in website:

● For undergraduate students, please APPLY through own University application process.

● If your University is NOT participating in giving away 10 Scholarship, you can either contact your University's Student Affairs Department or Student Union, and request your University to participate.
Or, you can apply for Scholarship directly to:


2) Course Outline

● Beat the Employers' Assessment Center.
● Apply Tools in answering tough interview questions.
● Groom your Public Image and Personal Branding.
● Create an attractive RESUME.
● What you should or should not put in your Resume.
Big mistakes made in your: first career choice, first car, debts, and finance planning.
● What Asia 500 Employer Brands are looking for in the right graduates.
● Know your legal rights.
● Assess your Personal SWOT Analysis: this is an eye-opener.
● Discover what they don't teach you at Harvard and your University.

3) 2 Basic Criteria for Scholarship Attendee Selection:

2 Basic Criteria for Scholarship Selection:
1. Preferably Year 2 or Final Year Degree or Diploma students.
2. Preferably High CGPA of at least 2.7 or B- grade.
However, if the CGPA is less than 2.7, other outstanding “street-smart” achievements will be considered such as a) being active in university’s extracurricular activities, with responsibilities b) qualities: leadership, team player, creativity.

FAQs on Career Insider and to check if your University is participating in Career Insider Scholarships - for Career Insider Applicants >>

Watch Career Insider Certificate Program Video

How to Be The Top 10% Most Hireable Graduates - Career Insider Scholarship for UnderGraduates

4) Corporate Scholarship Sponsorship

We are in discussion with Top Brands and MNCs for Scholarship Sponsorship, so that more students can take advantage of this scheme.
So far, we have approached top brands, international MNCs and local conglomerates, and there is a strong interest to participate in sponsorship.
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5) Program Synopsis/ Summary:

WHAT IF I told your Career Insider will be your Turning Point in your early career.

WHAT IF I reveal to you insider secret knowledge of what Top Brands and Fortune 500 MNCs are looking for in Top Graduates as we are top headhunters in Asia.

WHAT IF I told you most of our clients are Heads of Human Resources in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, USA, and our graduates have been successfully hired in these organizations.

It's true.

Because Career Insider is the culmination of 42 years of experience in hiring the top 10% talent in Asia, with input from Top International HR Experts.

After spending US$10,000 to over US$20,000, there is still NO guarantee that a graduate would get hired! Now, you have insider intro information what top brands and Fortune 500 MNCs are looking for in "The Top 10% List of The Most Hireable Graduates", and how to beat the competition of hundred of thousands of UNEMPLOYED Graduates.

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6) Speaker Profiles:

1. Robren is the CEO of Robren Group, and BorneoHunter Talent Search. He is known as “CEO-Celebrity Whisperer”, "Buddha's Ears", and “The Father of Asian FireWalking”, before Tony Robbins came to Asia. He helped raise HK$68 Million in the world’s only Live FireWalk Charity Show for TVB Tung Wah Charity Show. If he can coach you to walk on 650C fire- without feeling any pain, he can coach you how to change your life. He is author of The Law of Repulsion, the most significant life-changing programming since NLP, and the Law of Attraction.

His clients include Fortune 500 corporations and Top Brands such as Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Jockey Club, CLP Power Hong Kong, Public Bank, CIMB Bank, Genting, Tabung Haji, Tenaga Nasional, and over 300 CEOs in Malaysia’s Silicon Valley. He has been widely featured in TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, SCMP, The Star, and Sin Chew.

Robren Biodata:



● 1. "How to make yourself more Employable." by Dr. Henry Yeoh: Deputy President of Malaysian Institute of Human Resources

● 2. “How to beat Employer’s Assessment Center” by Steve Chen: Ex-Head of Learning & Development of Berjaya, NagaWorld, Copthorne Hotel, Naim, and INTI

● 3. "The hidden reasons Why a candidate does not get Hired." by Michelle Teoh, Headhunter, ex-Director of Business Development, Manpower Group.

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7) Testimonials for Career Insider

“In Career Insider, (it has) everything! So if you are looking for motivation, confidence, self-esteem, all kind of things that you want to change it, it's here - ChangeU's Career Insider.”
Ahmad Fadzli
Management & Science University, Management

“Career Insider has taught me to learn the 4C which are Credibility, Capability, Commitment, and Contribution. I believe that the activities were actually very interesting cause I have never had those kind of activities before. I believe Robert Chaen is actually a really good motivational speaker. I was in a dilemma, he helped me in making a decision.”
Jenna Idenal
UNITAR, Public Relations

“The most important thing is I need to take actions. Something that I understand might seem like common sense, but because I listen to the professionals, and they know the world better, so they give me more motivation to really take action to all my planning and all that.”
Dwayne Lim
Taylor's University, Finance & Economics

“What I learned in Career Insider is personal branding, you have to brand yourself, you have to make sure you are different, from your CV, your interview, to everything else. There are so many questions that we do not know how to go about as an intern, so we were taught how to answer them, how to accomplish a good relationship with the interviewer from the start.”
Saifa Salim
Nilai University, Biotechnology

“Career Insider is really amazing and has been a reality check on what to expect in the corporate world and it has prepared all of us how to attend interviews, how to answer things, and this has definitely helped us to identify our weaknesses, where and how to improve. Today I feel so much more prepared and confident.”
Victoria Mathew
IUKL, English for Professional Communications