Adventures in Time Travel

The Nobles

Enjoy an entertaining trip back to the middle ages!!

Our First Reason

Wealthy people who lived in castles got to go hunting with birds like hawks and falcons. You could get your own bird and train them so you can go hunting and eat what you caught.

Our Second Reason

If you lived in a castle, you know you would be safe. Guards would protect you day and night, and they would sacrifice their lives for you. They would taste your food before you ate, so that you would be safe from poison. Wouldn't you want to experience that luxury? We're pretty sure you can't experience that at home, because for one, you probably don't have guards, or you don't have royal tasters to make sure there's nothing wrong with the food, not even the slightest bit of too much salt.

Our Third Reason

Good knights or fighters entered tournaments to win for glory/fame, or a fortune. They were also a form of entertainment for people who could afford it. Whoever won got to keep the opponent's armor and horse. If you went back in time, you could watch these tournaments.

Our Fourth Reason

Every knight had his own coat of arms, an image or logo with pictures, colors, and symbols that represented the knight.

Our Fifth Reason

We think that enjoying daily entertainments such as watching the court jester perform, would be funny. We would like to see him perform. Wouldn't you??

Our Sixth Reason

If we went back in time, we could see the clothes that kings, queens, and nobles used to wear, instead of going to a museum to see old clothes. We could watch them being made by palace tailors, and we could see the clothes on actual people! Lords and Ladies wore expensive clothes to show their wealth.

Our Seventh Reason

You could experience the luxurious life of being king or queen- having cooks to cook you great food, servents and maids to attend you, and have a lot of people defending you to keep you safe.

Our Eighth Reason

Knights could go hunting with the lords fro meat. They hunted different kinds of animals such as birds, deer, rabbits, etc. 

Our Ninth Reason

You can learn Jesus's teachings from his disciples. 

Our Tenth Reason

If you lived in the castle you could eat and sleep in the great hall, the main room in the castle. The great hall is decorated with ornate tiles and rugs. You can eat many different kinds of foods and drinks.